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Serving Cape Girardeau, Scott, Mississippi, and Perry Counties and all of Southeast Missouri. Municipal, State and Federal Courts

The lawyers at McMenamin Law Firm have been serving Southeast Missouri for a combined 30 years. Throughout that time our lawyers have earned a reputation for excellence in the legal community.

Would you have a doctor operate on YOU for his very first surgery?
Ask your lawyer if they have ever tried a case like yours to a jury.  McMenamin Law Firm has successfully tried to a jury every kind of case related to criminal defense including murder, rape, robbery, molestation, burglary, assault, stealing, and drugs.  The lawyers at McMenamin Law Firm have won Not Guilty jury verdicts in counties all across Southeast Missouri and the St. Louis area.

Resolving cases without a trial.
Our reputation precedes us. The attorneys at McMenamin Law Firm have the respect of prosecutors and the legal community alike. That has resulted in some of our greatest wins: getting cases dismissed before trial or convincing the state to refrain from filing charges at all.

Protecting the rights of our clients.
Whether you are charged with a crime or need help with a divorce or child custody, you can count on McMenamin Law Firm to fight for you. Our clients’ fates are important to us, which is why the lawyers at McMenamin Law Firm go out of their way to conduct conversations with prosecutors and judges in person.

If you face criminal charges, or need representation in a family law case, contact a law firm with an established reputation for integrity, legal skill, and aggressive representation. Contact McMenamin Law Firm.

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