Assault and battery

Any type of violent crime receives the utmost attention by prosecutors.  Whether it be a misdemeanor assault or a domestic assault, prosecutors will fight to convict you.  Fight back.  Call the McMenamin Law Firm to help you.

Assault charges can have a variety of defenses available.  The law regarding these defenses can be quite complex.  The attorneys at the McMenamin Law Firm have been defending those charged with assault in Cape Girardeau and across Southeast Missouri.

Domestic assaults can be the most complex assault cases.  The prosecutor does not have to dismiss the case even though the complaining witness wants to drop charges.  Many prosecutors have bought into the victims advocacy movement and will believe the complaining witness’ initial statement to police no matter how implausible it is.  Call the McMenamin Law Firm to help you fight these unfair and unfounded charges.

If your assault case goes to trial, call us.  We have extensive experience in cross examining the prosecutor’s witnesses and showing the jury that they are lying.  We can help you.

  • Domestic assault, felonious restraint, assault.  You should take your case very seriously because the prosecutor will.  Call us for help.
  • Firearms charges, child abuse, violation of an order or protection.  We have the experience to defend you.