Burglary and property crimes are becoming an increased focus of prosecutors.  They are finding new and inventive ways to charge these cases.  Often times they file charges beyond what the law allows.  The attorneys at the McMenamin Law Firm keep abreast of the law and know when prosecutors have gone too far.  We can help you if you are charged with a burglary or property crime.

If you are accused of committing a crime by an eyewitness, call us.  The attorneys at the McMenamin Law Firm have successfully defended clients who were falsely accused by eyewitnesses, even when those eyewitnesses were “100% certain”.  With an understanding of the psychology behind false identification, the McMenamin Law Firm can defend you if you are falsely accused.

  • Burglary, robbery, property damage, leaving the scene of an accident.
  • You need an experienced attorney on your side.  We can help you.