Pornography and internet crimes

Internet crimes are a new and expanding field in criminal law.  Because the internet is relatively new, the law regarding computers is still somewhat unsettled.  The McMenamin Law Firm has an extensive knowledge of the law and potential defenses to pornography and internet crimes.

The McMenamin Law Firm have defended clients charged with pornography, internet stealing and fraud crimes in Cape Girardeau and across Southeast Missouri.  Some clients were charged with child pornography charges for unknowingly receiving files in emails.  You can fight these charges.  We can help you fight.  Don’t trust just any attorney with your or your loved one’s case.  You need an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to defend you against pornography and internet crimes.  Call the McMenamin Law Firm.

  • Child pornography, internet solicitation of a minor, computer fraud:  we can help defend you against these false allegations.
  • We fight illegal searches and seizures of your computer.