Criminal Defense

The attorneys at the McMenamin Law Firm have a reputation for providing the highest quality legal representation in criminal cases. They will use their skills and knowledge to help you achieve the best result possible in your criminal case.

The law changes daily. The attorneys at the McMenamin Law Firm stay up to date on the changes in the law and follow cases that are about to make new law.

While no case is too simple, the McMenamin Law Firm is known for handling the most complex legal cases. The attorneys at the McMenamin Law Firm have over 30 years of combined trial experience, so they have dealt with just about every issue.

The government will fight to convict you. Don’t trust just anyone to help you fight back. Whether you are charged with a federal or state felony, or a misdemeanor, you can trust the McMenamin Law Firm to fight for you.

  • Won “Not Guilty” verdicts on cases ranging from stealing misdemeanors to murder jury trials.
  • Numerous cases dismissed prior to trial due to artful depositions.