DWI cases are different from other areas of criminal law.  A specialized knowledge of the science and investigative techniques that go into a DWI investigation is necessary in order to properly defend you or your loved one against these charges.  The attorneys at the McMenamin Law Firm have the requisite skills and knowledge to properly defend you in a DWI case.

You do not have to plead guilty just because you are charged.  Call us to speak about your options if you are charged with a DWI.  We conduct a thorough analysis of the evidence in your case to identify officer errors.

DWI cases are not simple traffic matters.  Don’t think that just because you received a ticket that your DWI case is not that serious.  The prosecutor will treat it very seriously.  So will the Director of Revenue.  And so will we.  We understand the gravity of these cases and will fight for you.

  • DWI charges can seriously impact your driver’s license.  Time is of the essence in these cases.  Contact us immediately to learn your options.
  • Subsequent DWI charges can be charged as felonies.  You need the right lawyer on your side.