Sex offenses and molestation

Sex offenses, especially child sex offenses, are the most difficult cases to defend.  The police, prosecutors, and victim advocacy professionals work together to win convictions.  You need the right attorney to fight for you.  The McMenamin Law Firm have been successfully fighting sex offenses and molestation charges for clients in Cape Girardeau and across Southeast Missouri.  We have won Not Guilty verdicts for clients accused of sex offenses and molestation charges.  We know what it takes to build a successful defense.

The law in sex offenses is in the favor of the state.  New statutes are being passed every year to make it easier for the state to win convictions.  Courts allow victim advocacy professionals to testify to questionable psychological conclusions in order to convince judges and juries that children never lie.  It is vital that you have an attorney that knows the law and the psychology regarding false allegations.  The McMenamin Law Firm can help you build a defense if you are charged with a sex crime or a molestation offense.  We know the law and we know how to combat the pseudo-science that the state will use to try to convict you.

  • Statutory sodomy/rape, forcible rape, child molestation.  We will fight for you no matter what you are charged with.
  • Being convicted of a sex offense can require lifetime registration or even lifetime commitment to a mental facility.  The consequences are severe.  Make sure you have the right lawyer on your side.